ADA Requirements & Modular Wheelchair Ramp Guidelines & Specifications

Modular Wheelchair Ramps are Designed to meet or exceed ADA Ramp Guidelines & Specifications, OSHA Guidelines and IBC2006 Standards for Wheelchair Ramp Handicapped Access

All our rectangle platforms are designed so that the ramp can attach to any of the four sides. This allows you to go right, left or straight on the same platform. You can also attach two or more platforms (same size sides) together to make large decks or platforms. All the handicap ramp and platform support legs are independently adjustable for easier installation on uneven ground.

Platform & ADA Ramps Specifications & Regulations

  (custom sizes available)
  Weight Capacity Usable Width Width to Outside of Handrails
6 Foot ADA Ramp Sections 100 lbs. per Square Foot 48" 55"
5' x 5' Platform
(Standard Size)
100 lbs. per Square Foot 60" x 60" 64" x 64"
6' x 6' Platform 100 lbs. per Square Foot 72" x 72" 76" x 76"
5' x 7' Platform 100 lbs. per Square Foot 60" x 84" 64" x 88"

Handrail & Curb Specifications
Guardrail (picket) Height 42"
Standard Handrail Height 34"
Child (optional) Handrail Height 22"
Handrail Diameter 1 1/2"
Support Legs Independently Adjustable

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